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    Design Trends | 4 min read

    Heavenly Hues: Pairing Stone with Trending Colors of the Year

    Your house is filled with memories. You don’t want to leave it. But it’s starting to feel outdated. And not in a classic, vintage kind of way.

    Where do you start?

    You could immediately throw out all the furniture. You could knock down walls and tear out windows. Or, you could start with something a bit simpler, such as changing out the paint color and adding a textural touch of stone to some of your feature walls.

    Depending on how you feel about the results, you can always knock down walls later.

    Choose a Color

    Color selection is easily the hardest part of a new transformation process. One way to focus your decisions is to explore the latest Colors of the Year from leading paint companies such as Sherwin-Williams, which just introduced an array of trendy hues in its 2023 Terra Colormix® Forecast.

    Here at Eldorado Stone, we instantly fell in love with the color palette Origin. Maybe because the deep, rich colors reminded us of the El Dorado Forest in all its glory. Evergreen trees next to bright, snowy mountains? We're in.

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    Explore Sherwin WIlliam's Origin | COLORMIX® FORECAST 2023

    You can’t go wrong with deep, rich colors that bring a room to life like Skyline Steel, Homestead Brown, Pure White, and Indigo. These soft but strong color selections instantly make you feel at home. And if you weren’t ready to paint the whole house before, you will be after you take a peek. Go, ahead, we dare you.

    If you want to feel like you’ve moved into the castle you deserve, our other favorite Sherwin-Williams color palette, Lore, is filled with jewel tones you’ve only dreamed about.

    Once you pick a color and the transformation is underway, the neighbors will likely ask for your designer's number. Feel free to send them this blog post. It’s okay to share secrets sometimes.

    Pair it with Stone

    Now comes our favorite part. While many of our products will look great with these colors, we landed on a few favorite combinations.

    ES COTY Blog Graphics
    If you find yourself leaning toward the rich colors of the Sherwin-Williams Origin Color Palette, then the Ironside TundraBrick gets our vote. Imagine the library Hemingway wrote all of his books, and you’ll understand our love for this brick color. Its dark and smoky color adds instant boldness. Pair it with the right color, and you’ll be ready to author your best-selling book too.


    ES COTY Blog Graphics (1)

    If you’re feeling bold with color and leaning toward a lighter textural accent, Latigo TundraBrick offers a beautifully balanced mix of earth tones with rust and dusky blue overtones. Like walking into your favorite spa, this brick profile makes you feel comfortable. Calm. Ready for anything. If we could put it up on every wall, we would.


    ES COTY Blog Graphics (2)

    Perhaps the tones from the Lore Color Palette are speaking to you. In that case, you cannot go wrong with the Grand Banks Limestone. If we owned a ski resort, this is the stone we would use. It’s crisp, sharp and stunning. Adding it to a wall will make all other walls feel boring. Adding it to the fireplace will make you want to put a fireplace in every room. Yes, it makes that much of a difference.


    Don’t take our word for it. Try it and see.

    Transform Your Space

    A few small changes can make a big transformation. Before you know it, the neighbors will be suggesting your house for the block parties. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    It’s always been the house you want to come home to, but now it will be the house everyone wants to come home to.

    Time to create new memories in familiar spaces with all-new character.

    If you’re not ready to throw out the whole house and you want to keep your memories intact, start with a little color and stone.

    Blush Wave LinkedIn Banner (2)Have questions about which stone is right for your home? We’re here to help!

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    Sarah Lograsso

    As Director of Marketing and Portfolio Management, Sarah has successfully coupled her design talents with business acumen to refresh, refine and distinctly position five standout brands in the North American market and abroad. She continues to provide design direction for the brands’ variety of best-selling modern profiles and trend-forward color palettes while enhancing the prestige of the category among masons, builders, designers, architects and consumers.

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