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Our Favorite Things for Turning Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Escape

Sometimes the best cure for a long day calls for locking yourself in the bathroom for a quiet, private soak in the tub. You’ve earned it. But if you don’t already have a retreat-ready bathroom, worry not. You can follow a few simple steps to turn your bathroom into a luxurious escape.

Whether it’s been a stressful day at work, the kids have been acting up, or you just need some peace and quiet, there’s no need to head to a spa if your bathroom already is a spa-like retreat.

Can your bathroom be elevated to spa greatness? Yes, it can. Below, are our five favorite things for turning your bathroom into a luxurious escape. Caution: reading may cause you to spend more time creating and then relaxing in your bathroom oasis!

1. Scents


You want your bathroom to smell like a misty meadow, a Hawaiian waterfall, or warm vanilla. You don’t want it to smell like, well, a bathroom. An easy way to get a spa-like experience in your bathroom is by using scents.

Make your bathroom smell like a spa using:

  • Scented candles
  • Essential oils
  • Diffusers
  • Incense
  • Epsom salts

Choose the scent that reflects the mood you want to put yourself in: calming scents like tea tree or eucalyptus to refresh and revitalize, lavender or ylang ylang to relax before bed, or peppermint to wake you up in the morning.


2. Peaceful accents


Clutter can make your bathroom feel the opposite of spa-like, and even leave you feeling stressed. It can also make your bathroom feel a lot smaller than it is. So if your bathroom has become a clutter zone, it’s time for an overhaul.

Are your bathroom counters and surfaces are covered in toiletries, makeup, or other bathroom items? Stow them away in a drawer or medicine cabinet. Don’t have cabinet or drawer space? Corral your items in a pretty basket or decorative box.

Then, add peaceful accents like glass bowls or vases, filled with soaps, bath salts, lotions, body scrubs, or bath bombs. Besides looking pretty, you’ll enjoy having these items at the ready for your next soak.

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Also, prepare for your next bathroom escape by using a wooden tub tray to store your body scrubs, pumice stone, and face mask. That way your favorite items will be nearby when you need them next.

Another way to provide peace in the bathroom is with the calming sounds of acoustic or classical music, or nature. Get a small stereo, radio, or even a phone dock, and cue up some aural relaxation. What is the best part about playing music or soothing sounds in the bathroom? Doing so will block out any household noise that you might otherwise to be able to hear.


3. Neutral, earthy tones


If your bathroom is in need of a paint job or a major overhaul, consider using neutral earthy tones for your walls, tiles, etc. Maybe you’ve noticed, but spas use neutral tones for a calming effect. It feels organic, and helps you relax. Do the same at home.

You can use a shade of white as a neutral base, and add in light colors, like beige, blue, or light green or yellow. To amp up the earthy, natural feel, add elements of stone and wood to your design. Choose tiles that mimic the look of wood, or add sea stones or stone tiles for your shower floors or walls.

For decoration, dried or fresh flowers or plants can bring the outdoors in, and provide a calming feel. Consider a large floor plant, several smaller potted plants, or even a striking orchid for your counter.


4. Warm, fluffy towels


A great way to make your bath experience an even better one is to splurge on new towels, and a robe, that are soft and luxurious feeling. Try a bath sheet instead of a regular bath towel. Bath sheets are about 40 x 70 inches, much larger than regular bath towels.

If you really are looking to splurge, install a towel-warming drawer in your vanity. Or, install a towel-warming bar on your bathroom wall, which will also dry your towels (and is cheaper than a warming drawer).


5. A spa tub


If your current bathroom tub is about as mundane as they come, consider replacing it with a spa tub. You can get one with heated water features, tub jets, or other elements designed to help you get a good, relaxing soak.

Spa tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a modern oval or round shape, a freestanding rectangular tub, or a drop-in model with a custom surround. Whatever tub you choose, consider aesthetic and how it’ll fit in with the spa-like look you’re going for.


However you choose to revamp your bathroom to give it a spa-like feel, have fun with it. Create a space you truly want to spend time in, and then grab a good book, a glass of wine, or your favorite CD, and soak it all in.

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