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How to Decorate Your Home with Family Memories

Now that the holidays are over and you’ve put your seasonal décor away, it’s time to think about how to decorate your house for the rest of the year. One way is to display family photos to add warmth and fond memories to your home. But make sure you do it in a stylish and non-overbearing way.

People have different views on how and where to display family photos in the home. Some don’t like personal photos in public parts of the home, like the living room or kitchen, and only display them in bedrooms and upstairs hallways. Others want to share their family memories in any room of the home for a more personal touch.

Whatever point of view you take, we’ll walk you through the best way to decorate your home with your pictures and family memories. Read on to learn a few of our favorite ways to incorporate family photos throughout your home.


1. Dedicate a wall for a photo gallery


Instead of placing family photos on whatever wall space you have free, consider displaying your snapshots in a more uniform way. Choose a wall to dedicate solely as a photo gallery.

It could be the wall over your couch, in a stairway or hallway, in a bedroom, or in the entryway for guests to see as they enter your house. Consider choosing an unexpected place to add an influx of charm or personality with a fun or whimsical photo collage.

Consider how you want to lay out your gallery wall.

  • Choose the same color and size frames and arrange in a grid
  • Get different sized and colored frames for a more organic look. Play with spacing and arrangement
  • Consider all horizontal or vertical photos, or mix and match
  • Consider wrapped canvas prints for a three-dimensional look
  • Choose all black and white photos for an artistic feel
  • Instead of hanging frames, install photo rails to place frames on

If you have old family photos from generations past, intersperse them among the photos of your children and family for a truly intergenerational look.


2. Place framed photos on furniture


Family photos aren’t just for the walls. Decorate your home with framed photos placed on end or side tables, the coffee table, the mantel, the piano top, or any other piece of furniture where a frame could rest.

Don’t overdo it. The look can quickly become cluttered if you try to cram too many pictures onto a table or mantel. Again, think about using different types of frames to display a series of photos, or get matching frames for a more cohesive look.

Also include other items with the framed photos, such as candles, vases, or other decorative items, for visual interest. If you don’t want to overwhelm with photos, display small pictures, and use them sparingly throughout your rooms.

Or, do the opposite, and go big. Instead of choosing a lot of smaller photos, pick one photo to blow up. Frame a family favorite in a super size, and have it stand alone on your mantel. If you have a large wall, consider also one putting one big photo on a canvas wrap or in a frame. Doing so will create a large impact or statement piece.


3. Display a photo book or album


Another great way to display family photos is with a photo book or album on a coffee table or side table. This is a good way to have family memories around, but not necessarily on display if you’re more conservative about sharing. Plus, you can easily tuck the book away if guests are coming and you don’t want your photos out.

Get prints of favorite photos, and arrange them in a photo album. Or, go online and use one of the services offered to make your own bound photo book. Snapfish and Shutterfly are two examples of websites that do this, though the possibilities are vast.

A fun way to keep albums or photo books interesting is to match them with the season. If it’s winter, put out an album of photos from last year’s holiday season. When summer rolls around, display a book of pictures from last year’s beach vacation. Your family will enjoy seeing how much they’ve grown and changed in the last year.


Whatever your take is on displaying family photos, have fun with it. Your family photos can make great statements, conversation starters, or simply tell the story of your clan’s evolution over time.

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