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8 Step Guide to Decorating Mantels This Halloween

Decorating mantels gives homeowners an opportunity to change the look and feel of a home for the season or a holiday. On Halloween in particular, mantel décor ideas range from witches and potions themes to more traditional pumpkin and spider web layouts. Consider giving your mantel a spooky makeover in keeping with the theme of the day.



Get the Look: Eldorado Stone’s Halloween Mantel 

As October ramps up, use these tips to create your own version of a spooky mantel—or recreate our look! Here are the eight simple steps for Halloween fireplace mantel ideas that will make your space ready for all the little ghouls and goblins:


1. Choose a theme. Halloween comes with an endless assortment of mantel décor ideas. From haunting to gory and classic to fairytale, choose a theme to match your costume, your home, or your personality. Some of the most popular themes this year include steampunk, superheroes, and pumpkins. 

We wanted our Halloween design to keep the season light and fun with a classic color palette. With a few key focal points (pumpkins, crows, skeletons, and black cats), we incorporated some holiday stereotypes without going overboard.


2. Measure first. You may love the idea of a full-sized pumpkin on your mantel, but few mantels can support the width of a large pumpkin. Measure the amount of space you can fill including the depth of the mantel, the depth of the hearth, and the amount of space that you want to fill above the mantel (if applicable). Our mantel is eight inches deep, so we couldn’t fit anything too large on it.


3. Layer the design. Avoid simply placing the items of choice on the mantel. Play with moving larger and smaller items toward the front, back, and sides.

To achieve our look, we cut the silhouettes that we wanted to incorporate from black paper and created a burlap backdrop from scraps of fabric. To create continuity, each frame is black and all of the images feature tan burlap. The sizes and the finishes add visual interest and depth while the sizes and layout create balance.


On the mantel, the black feather boa lets the colors in each additional element including gourds, orange candles, and blue/gray birdcages pop while adding some additional texture and movement. The limestone finish of the fireplace blends perfectly with the accent colors and the white creamy colors of the gourds and end picture frames.


4. Vary the heights. Elements of the same height and size can get visually lost. Instead, focus on creating movement with elements that range from low to the surface and higher up.


Our mantel would look pretty boring with just the feather boa and gourds. The stacked birdcage and candelabra, and the varying heights of elements on the hearth lead the eye to explore each piece.


5. Create balance. Avoid adding one extremely tall element and several short ones. Choose short, medium, and tall elements to keep the fireplace from feeling lopsided. Your design doesn’t need symmetry, but it does need balance.


6. Make it work for you. You may find some decorations that you love but they don’t fit your theme. Grab your crafting supplies and make your own modifications. You can always spray paint an old frame or paint a gourd gold to achieve the look that matches your theme.


7. Remember to decorate the hearth. Decorating the hearth will create a cohesive look from the top of your mantel to the bottom of the fireplace.


Choose a few striking elements to make the hearth pop in contrast with the mantel.


8. Experiment and have fun. Even professional designers play around with their staging areas before they find something that works. Layout all of your decorations and start placing items. Stand back to see the full effect, and rearrange as necessary!


Decorating a mantel for Halloween can make your entire home feel more festive. Have fun choosing your theme and bringing the elements together for a customized look. Happy Halloween from Eldorado Stone!
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