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Accent Walls that Will Transform Any Space

Are you ready to make a statement in a room in your house but don’t know quite how to do it? Forget changing out your furniture, buying new rugs or artwork, or swapping out your curtains. Instead, look around and imagine how an accent wall can transform your space.

Whether you choose to create an accent wall using paint, stone, tile, wood, or even books, creating such a wall can spruce up a room, inject style, and draw the eye. The best part about an accent wall is you can go as simple or as elaborate as you like, choosing a material and style that suits your taste.

Looking for inspiration? Read on to learn about the different kinds of accent walls you can generate, and then have fun transforming your space!

1. Bold paint 



While a fresh coat of paint is likely the easiest way to create an accent wall, it can be just as stunning as other accent wall choices. You can play it safe and paint an accent wall a few shades darker or lighter than the color already on your walls, or a color in the same family.

Or, consider bold and cheerful colors like orange, apple green, bright yellow, fire engine red, or aquamarine. Just make sure your choice fits with your décor and is something you can live with for awhile.

Which wall do you paint? Pick the wall that attracts your eye (maybe it’s the one where your fireplace is located, or is at the far end of the room) or provides a nice backdrop for your furniture. Also consider how natural light plays into your choice of accent wall.


2. Stone wall


Stone is a great way to add a sophisticated and calming feel to the room of your choice, bringing a bit of nature indoors. Stone comes in a variety of colors, types, shapes, and styles. Go with natural stone or a stone veneer, the options are nearly endless.

A stone accent wall also offers a chance to add texture to your room. From smooth river rock to rougher ledge cuts, the texture of stone can add real appeal, and a three-dimensional feel, to your accent wall.

You can choose one color stone— from warm neutrals to darker grays—or pick stones in a variety of hues. Or, mix it up by deciding on different types of stone that pair well together.

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3. Wallpaper


Wallpaper isn’t just for grandma’s house anymore, and has become a huge design trend. There are many modern patterns and styles to choose from, offering a way to add a splash of fun with anything from a geometric prints to a mural.

Wallpaper is another great way to add texture to a room. Consider wallpaper materials such as linen, grass cloth, cork, cloth, sisal, silk, or textured papers. Afraid to commit? Look for removable wallpaper, which is forgiving if you don’t end up loving your choice.


4. Tile


If you’re designing an accent wall for your kitchen or bathroom, tile makes a great choice. In the kitchen, don’t stop at tiling your backsplash only, carry the tile up an entire wall to create a bold effect.

Tile also provides an opportunity to add some artistic flair to a room. Choose a variety of tiles that work well together for a mosaic effect, or pick a fun way to orient the tiles to create a unique and different pattern to catch the eye.


5. Library wall


Whether you’re an avid reader, or just have a cozy space for relaxing, consider how a library accent wall can transform a room. By creating beautiful built-ins that encompass an entire wall, you can display your book collection and accessories alike.

Give a library wall an interesting look by grouping your books and objects by color or size, providing style and cohesion. A library ladder and a comfortable chair in an eclectic color or style round out the look.


6. Use a statement piece


If you’re really looking to make a statement, choose a large-scale mirror, piece of artwork, or tapestry to give the effect of an accent wall. Or go for a photo collage of all your favorite prints.


7. Wood


For a truly rustic look, use wood for an accent wall, which can make a room feel warm and cozy. You can attain a range of looks depending on the type and color of wood you choose, and how you orient the boards on the wall.

Reclaimed wood is a popular choice, as are pallets, which offer a rough and rustic look. Stain wooden planks all one color, or alternate colors for a brick-like effect. Wood can provide you with depth, character, and a natural vibe.


8. Make your ceiling the accent wall


Think of your ceiling as the fifth wall in a room, and how it could be used to offer some visual interest. Painting the ceiling a color other than white is a fun way to take a bit of a risk with a bold and fun color.

Or, take your ceiling to the next level by using wallpaper, wood, woven bamboo, or tin to create your accent “wall.” A coffered ceiling also adds a regal flair to larger rooms. It’s the ceiling—make it whimsical and fun and you’re sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

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