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Accent Walls: 12 Gorgeous Examples That Will Inspire You

An accent wall can elevate a space without any additional décor or furniture. A pop of color, texture, or a new material will add depth and visual interest to any room from the bathroom to the kitchen. If you want to add a new dimension to your home without undertaking a more in-depth project, consider a stone accent wall, a wooden wall, or an interesting paint design to give your space a different look and feel.


Discover Your Ideal Accent Wall

1. Bathroom stone walls.


Give your bathroom a spa-like feel with a stone accent wall in a strategic location. This image showcases the strategic use of stone accents in multiple places. In addition to the window wall, this bathroom also features stone on either side of the room behind the vanity.


2. Chevron wall design. 


Instead of changing the color of a space, consider adding some textural elements. This dining rooms features trim attached to the wall in a herringbone pattern.


3. Bedroom stone walls.


Feel as though you live in a castle with this bright stone accent wall. Instead of darkening the space, the light color of the stone and the small size of each piece add interest without weighing down the space.


4. Reclaimed wood accent wall.


Emphasize your bed and headboard with a reclaimed wood accent wall. While this examples shows different colored wood, you could attach wood in the same color for more of a textural change.


5. Dining room stone walls.


Dine in medieval luxury with this candlelit wall space. The rough cut stone and soft lighting will transport you to an old castle in Europe or some far-off land.


6. Bedroom with a pattern.


Instead of choosing two different colors for an accent wall pattern, consider purchasing one paint in a matte finish and another in a high-gloss finish. When you finish your pattern, your space will have an eye-catching change in texture.


7. Chalkboard accent wall.


Want to use your space more efficiently? Consider adding chalkboard paint to part or all of a small wall. You’ll never lose your to-do list, grocery store list, or other important information again.


8. Living room stone walls.


You don’t need a fireplace to benefit from the beauty of stonework indoors. Encase indoor columns and empty spaces with stone accents to update your home.


9. A misty bedroom accent.


If geometric designs aren’t your thing, consider a soft ombre look in your bedroom or bathroom. Use a sponge to fade the colors as you go up on the wall. The outcome will keep you on cloud nine long after you wake up.


10. Roll on a design accent.


If you don’t have the patience to create your own pattern, try a patterned paint roller. Simply dip and roll to create a faux wallpaper look on any accent wall. Play with colors and rolling styles to get the look that you want.



11. Next level outdoor spa accent.


If you enjoy a dip in the hot tub after work, consider adding a wood, stone, or mixed accent to your outdoor space. The blend of textures and colors in this setup gives hot tub users another reason to relax at the end of the day.


12. Backsplash turned accent wall.


Take your backsplash up a notch and turn it into a kitchen accent. In addition to tile backsplashes, consider the en vogue tin tiles that give a home its rustic flair. An accent wall filled with different tiles can add visual interest to any room in the home.


Did you find your ideal accent wall? An accent wall is a great way to breathe fresh air into any room in your home. If you like a pattern here, remember—it can go anywhere! From the basement to your attic office, an accent wall adds elegance, creativity, and style to any space.

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