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5 Design Ideas to Create a Chic, Yet Cozy Living Room

Is it possible to have a cozy and comfortable living room that is also stylish and modern? It is—even if you have children. If your living room is in need of a style makeover, but you’re not willing to sacrifice comfort, read on. The following living room design ideas prove that you can achieve both comfort and style.

Gone are the days of living rooms being formal, stuffy spaces for entertaining. These days, you can take a practical approach to living room design to create a space that is family-friendly and comfortable, while also being modern and chic.

Make your living room into a space both your family and guests will be comfortable in, without sacrificing comfort or style. Read on for living room design ideas that can transform your home.

1. Create built-ins

Built-ins allow you to showcase your favorite books, antiques, family photos, collectibles, and much more. They give a living room a cozy feeling, while also being practical by offering plenty of storage space.


Consider painting or wallpapering the back of your built-ins to provide a splash of style or color. Connect built-ins on two sides of a window with a seat, perfect for curling up with a book or taking in the view.

Another bonus of built-ins is you can use baskets or bins as storage for the kids’ toys and games. That way, their entertainment items are accessible, yet can be tucked neatly away when guests come over.

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2. Create a centerpiece

Add warmth and style to your living room by making your fireplace a focal point, and a natural place to gather. Don’t have a fireplace? Use an eclectic assortment of candles in different shapes and sizes that grouped together make a cozy centerpiece on your coffee table or mantel.


You can also make your coffee table the centerpiece of the room. Go for an interesting glass piece, or even a table made out of a large, old tree. Dare to be a little different, to draw interest and spark conversation.

If your fireplace is lacking the wow-factor, consider incorporating these design ideas for a fireplace facelift. 

3. Provide ample and comfortable seating

Nothing makes a living room more inviting than having a comfortable place to sit. We’ve all had the misfortune of sitting on a couch or living room chair that’s designed for looks, not for comfort.

Fortunately, there are plenty of seating options out there that offer both comfort and style. Sectionals come in all different styles and colors, and offer plenty of seating in addition to defining the space in your living room.


Also make sure your living room has enough seating space for your family, and for guests. If you don’t have room to seat extra guests, get creative with floor pillows, ottomans, or poufs, which can be tucked away or stored elsewhere when not in use.

These comfy items can also be an especially useful way to group the children on the floor to play together at a gathering, while the adults congregate and converse sitting nearby on the furniture.

4. Mix it up

By using a variety of colors, textures, and textiles, you can give your living room an interesting and inviting vibe, while creating an intimate and cushy space.

Incorporate natural elements, like wood or stone, which give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Mix wooden features with metal accents (brass is back in!), and pair warm neutrals with tribal prints.


Rugs and blankets in interesting materials and colors are another great way to add a pop of flair, while throw pillows can also be used to add color or texture to your living room. You can try out a bold pattern, but not break the bank in the process if you decide next week on another look.

5. Add woodsy touches

By woodsy, we don’t mean kitschy, we mean rustic and cozy. Add exposed ceiling beams, accent furniture, and modern wooden textiles to bring sophistication to your living room.

Create an interesting ceiling—made of reclaimed wood or even brick—to draw the eye upward. Using a unique material on high ceilings can add warmth to a stark room. For furniture, chairs, an ottoman, or even a couch in comfortable, quality leather can add a rustic chic element.


Don’t forget that houseplants can play a roll in your living room design. Bring the outdoors in by displaying a variety of plants in different shapes and sizes, and displaying them at various heights.

Whether you’re going for a totally new living room look, or just want to add some chic updates, taking these living room design ideas and running with them will get you where you want to be. The most important thing: fusing comfort and style to achieve the idea living room.

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