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10 Design Ideas for a Fireplace Facelift

If gazing at your fireplace makes you want to snooze, it might not be from the warmth of the flames. If your fireplace is dull, drab, or run-of-the-mill, it might be time for an upgrade. Use these fireplace design ideas to make your fireplace into the show-stopping centerpiece you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether your style is modern or classic, eclectic or antique, there are fireplace designs that run the gamut. Whether you’re redesigning your living room, or just looking for a fireplace facelift, there are some smart and savvy ways to make a statement.

Read on to learn 10 fireplace design ideas that make a BIG statement:

1. Add sculpture and style with an open-air fireplace

Nothing makes your fireplace more of a focal point that having it right out there in the open. Open-air fireplaces are a great way to add a cozy, yet sophisticated feel to a transitional living space or patio. 10 DESIGN IDEAS FOR A FIREPLACE FACELIFT

Freestanding or open-fronted letterbox style fireplaces put the fire front and center, and are great for modern spaces. 

2. Create a large accent wall using tile or stone

If your fireplace is less than inspiring right now, make it pop by surrounding it with an accent wall of tile or stone. Doing so will make the fireplace a focal point in your living room, instead of a feature that’s noticed last.

When choosing stone or tile for the fireplace, you can go bold, bright, or neutral. Also consider how tile or stone size plays a role in the look you are going for. 

There are Numerous Differences Between Natural and Manufactured Stone. Find Out What's Right for Your Project – Free Stone 101 Guide

3. Add texture

When choosing tile or stone for your fireplace surround, consider how texture plays a role. Rough-textured rock, large fieldstones, or wavy or patterned tiles can draw the eye in. Inversely, smooth rocks and tiles can give a modern, clean feel.


Think about your style, and what look you’re hoping to achieve with your fireplace redo. Find ways to add interest through unexpected textures. You might even consider using textured wallpaper on the wall surrounding the fireplace.

4. Use wood and stone for an earthy vibe

Whether you’re redoing the fireplace at your mountain retreat, or just looking to add an organic, earthy vibe to your living room, wood and stone can add the perfect touch of the outdoors. Bring the elements of nature inside with fieldstone, tumbled stone, limestone, rough-sawn lumber, or even reclaimed wood.

Going for an earthy look, but with an ultramodern vibe? Go for a tile designed to mimic wood planks.

5. Match a long hearth and the surround

By setting the top of the hearth flush with the bottom of the firebox, you can then extend the hearth the length of the wall. Doing so makes the living room look longer, which can be a real bonus in smaller spaces.


Plus, it allows you to integrate built-in shelves, seating, or even your flat-screen television. Then you’ll have space to display interesting art, family photos, heirlooms, antiques, or other items of interest.

6. Use unexpected materials

Use a variety of stones, tiles, or other materials to create a unique and eye-catching fireplace. Think glass, marble, or stainless steel mosaic tiles, in a variety of colors and tones.

Other fireplace tile ideas to give you a different look include woven-look tile, three-dimensional tile, patterned tile, or even penny tile.

7. Use traditional elements in untraditional ways

Play with some traditional fireplace elements, to come up with ways to use them in untraditional ways. Consider using subway tiles, for example, but place them vertically instead of horizontally. There are myriad patterns you can create with tiles or stone. Go for a different look that matches your unique flair.


8. What’s inside the firebox?

A lot of attention gets paid to the fireplace surround, mantel, and hearth. But don’t ignore the inside of the firebox. Use unique firestones instead of the traditional logs in a gas fireplace. You can choose firestones or fireballs in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

9. Frame it

What kind of mantel will you choose? Make your fireplace a real centerpiece by choosing an unexpected mantel to draw the eye and add drama. There are many different styles of mantel to choose from, but also consider how size, shape, and material can give your mantel a unique look.


10. Play with color

Playing with color isn’t just for your walls anymore. Consider how color plays a role in your fireplace design. Choose a bright pop of color rather than more traditional ones for your hearth, firebox, mantel, or surround. Then, use that color in a few key accessorizes to tie your space together.